Chester, NJ Farmers' Market -

We are proud to have the following vendors for the
2016 Market season:

Those from Prior years joining us again are:

Stony Hill Gardens
When you shop at Stony Hill Farm Market, you’ll only find Jersey Fresh fruits and vegetables. 

We don’t think you’ll mind supporting local New Jersey farmers and buying just-picked fruits and vegetables that have only traveled a few yards or miles, rather than a few thousand miles.

Pickle Licious   

Pickle Licious Pickle Licious sells pickles by the gallon, quart, pint, or pickle-on-a-stick. They are also famous for olives, olive paste, homemade tapenades, stuffed grape leaves, and marinated artichokes. 

And attention health buffs: Pickles are low in calories and rich in Vitamin K, containing approximately 20% of the Recommended Daily Allowance for this vitamin.

Brook Hollow Winery logoBrook Hollow Winery is a family farm nestled in the heart of the scenic Delaware Water Gap area of New Jersey. 

"Each hand-crafted wine is fermented, aged, and bottled by our family. We pride ourselves in delivering complex varietals that can be enjoyed alone or easily paired with your favorite meal."

High Mountain Foods 

'The King of Mozzarella' will be "the best you have ever had," but be sure to try the smoked mozzarella and other various imported cheeses, as well. They also carry an assortment of world famous crab cakes, more than 40 kinds of gourmet ravioli, fishes, meats, and poultry.

Gourmet Nuts & Dried Fruit logo

Nuts not only taste great, but they have long been known as a super food. Dried fruits are the perfect choice to satisfy that sweet-tooth, and help keep you on track health-wise. Gourmet Nuts & Dried Fruit has generated a base price for most items in which you can mix and match anything you would like, to create your own mix, or you can simply select each item as is.

Damn Good Chicken logoDamn Good Chicken prepares its chicken in the style of Cornell Chicken BBQ. This method, developed at Cornell University in the 1950’s, involves marinating chickens in a mix of vinegar, chicken fat, fresh herbs and a secret spice blend. After 24 hours in the marinade, chickens are grilled over natural hardwood charcoal, continuously basting the chickens with the marinade to help develop an irresistibly moist and smokey chicken with extra crispy skin. 

Christine Pane's designs are inspired by her garden, and each one is carefully handcrafted for durability and style. She chooses the best yarn and most interesting fabric for her designs in order to turn them into something beautiful and wearable.

Top of the Mountain Honey Bee Farm

Our bees are busy gathering pollen all spring and summer from the extensive wildflower fields found throughout scenic Highland Lakes, NJ, and transforming it into "liquid gold."
In early summer, we begin the time-honored art of "harvesting" the honey. It is removed from the honeycombs, strained to remove small pieces of sediment and wax, bottled and labeled. It is then ready to be shipped directly to your door!
Also referred to as "nectar of the gods," since ancient times pure honey has been used to treat a wide variety of illnesses as well as heal wounds and enhance beauty.

New Vendors for 2016

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